We Have That Information (Tucked Away Somewhere)

Dwayne Phillips
1 min readJan 30, 2023

by Dwayne Phillips

We know the answers. We have the information. Can we access it? More importantly, can you access it?

We have the data silo. Some call it the data stovepipe. Some call it the sandbox. Others call it job (in)security.

Enough of the metaphors and cliches. We have the information. I can find it. You, however, cannot find it because I stored it on the computer network in a place you cannot access. Then there is other information. You can find it. I, however, cannot find it because it is stored on the computer network in a place I cannot access.

Isn’t this great fun? I’ve got a secret. You’ve got a secret. Someone is wasting a lot of time while someone else is grinning with knowledge, power, and foolish pride.

While we adults enjoy childish games, someone suffers. Someone doesn’t receive the right medicine or enough food or a phone call of comfort. Someone pays taxes that are wasted. Someone suffers.

We can all do better. Let’s all do better.



Dwayne Phillips

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