DevSecOps: It’s Just What Computer Programmers Do

by Dwayne Phillips

Considering DevSecOps — nothing to see here folks. It is just what computer programmers do.

Everybody in the software-creating world is doing DevSecOps (development, security, operations). Well, if you are anybody in the everybody, you are doing DevSecOps. If you aren’t doing it, you are a nobody in the everybody.

What is DevSecOps? It’s just what computer programmers do. If a computer programmer types the same command more than twice a day, you write a computer program to do that for you. Take repetitive actions, put them in a computer program, and run that program. That is sort of the reason we have computers — perform repetitive actions for us.

We have DevSecOps tools. Here is what they do:

  1. Loop over time or events.
  2. When triggered, do this, do that, do the other thing, too.
  3. If something isn’t right, go back.
  4. Repeat the loop.

Uh, well, that’s about it. Not so complicated, huh? No, it isn’t complicated. Someone thought about it and wrote a program to do it. Someone else used that first program, improved it, and wrote a second program. We are now on the um-teenth program that implements the above algorithm a little better than the um-teenth minus everything less than um-teenth (sort of like the 20 sequels to the Halloween movie).

This little blog posts simplifies everything. It all has been quite complicated. It if were really easy, someone would have done this in the 1960s. Still, it isn’t that complicated. It’s just what computer programmers do.



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Dwayne Phillips

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