Spilled Coffee

by Dwayne Phillips

I finally did it — I spilled a cup of coffee on my computer (first time ever over 40 years). A few lessons learned.

After 40+ years of using my own personal computer, I spilled a cup of coffee on my current Apple MacBook Air. After a couple of hours, the coffee saturated the computer and it was kaput. This was a Sunday morning. I run backups on Saturday morning. I bought a new MacBook Air on Monday morning.


  • It is a great idea to use cloud storage like DropBox, iCloud, and OneDrive.
  • GitHub is also a great thing to use.
  • Google’s Colab is also a great thing to use.
  • It is a good idea to have a desktop Mac and shareable Desktops and all that iCloud stuff that I really had not noticed before.
  • It took four hours to restore from backup using Apple’s software. That’s a long time.
  • A new computer has a CLEAN screen. Wow, what a difference.
  • The new keyboard feels better than the old one (two years old).
  • This should be simpler to replace a computer on the spur of the moment (like an accident).
  • I should be careful. I am growing careless.
  • Perhaps I should replace my laptop every year. That would cost more $$$, but…
  • Perhaps I should just be using a Chromebook.
  • Are there Mac computers up in the cloud for rent?
  • Time marches on.



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Dwayne Phillips

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