Back in naught-20

Dwayne Phillips
1 min readJan 4, 2021


by Dwayne Phillips

What did you do during the Wuhan virus lock in of naught-20?

First, I predict that in the future we will look back at this and double blind or blind our inoffensive offensiveness and call this the “Wuhan virus” because that follows the traditional naming convention of such. (Lyme disease is named after a town in Connecticut).

Second, yes it is naught-20 as there is a zero in front of the 20.

Next, we all did something. Doing nothing is choosing to do little instead of much. If nothing else we all chose what to do.

Did you stay in as a good person would do? Did you go out and help others as a good person would do? There was something good to do, and regardless of what we did, it was probably good.

Did you lose your job?

Did you work from home and still get a paycheck?

Were you essential?

Did you feel guilty because you got paid, didn’t get sick, but knew others who were less fortunate?

Did you give money to others who lost their jobs?

What did you do in naught-20?



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