by Dwayne Phillips

We make rules. Why? Sometimes it is petty and to serve our ego. Pause and think (two pretty good rules about rules).

We make a rule for or over or against the persons we know or our work colleagues. We cannot enforce that rule over all the…

by Dwayne Phillips

Data entry, one of the lower-paid professions, is prone to errors, and some can be fatal.

During the aftermath of the recent Hurricane Ida, a person close to me needed an essential service. By “essential” I mean if the service did not arrive, someone would die.


by Dwayne Phillips

A phrase to add to every assignment or action item or anything that goes on a “to do” list.

Years ago, author and consultant Jerry Weinberg gave an assignment to attendees of his writing seminar. It was something like:

  1. Think of what you should write today.
  2. Write…

by Dwayne Phillips

I find it unfortunate, but no-cost learning doesn’t exist. I guess this goes back to the concept of if it is worth something, it is worth something.

No-cost learning? Boy, I sure do want that!

Free online courses have a price tag of $0. They do, however…

Dwayne Phillips

We can tell when we have affected another person by observing their energy.

One of the better questions to ask when trying to convince or teach or somehow affect another person is, “When do they gain energy?”


At what point does the other person change their posture…

by Dwayne Phillips

If I cannot think of three things wrong with my latest great idea, I am not thinking enough.

Great ideas. I get lots of ’em. Great successes? Not so many.

And why not? Because most of my “great ideas” have problems, many problems. …

by Dwayne Phillips

Reduced complexity optimizes for simplicity. Increased complexity optimizes for simplicity in another form. Which simplicity is “best” is a matter of situation.

Apple has recently moved to their own “Apple Silicon” processors. In general terms, Apple switched from Intel’s processors to ARM’s processors. ARM processors are a…

by Dwayne Phillips

Every generation has a default question that hearkens backwards. These can be quite irritating, but return the evolutionary thinker to earth. And that is needed.

Way back in the 1990s, the world was crawling out of one generation of computing into another. …

By Dwayne Phillips

Restoring trust in something called a shared reality won’t be easy. Or will it be so simple that it won’t be easy? Here is a suggestion.

“We’ve lost a shared reality.”

I heard this in a recent presentation. I’m afraid I lost the reference, so I cannot…

by Dwayne Phillips

We decide that, “We will stop this and never do it again.” That holds until we discover “this” and “it” are necessary.

I flew to California recently. On the flight, instead of giving us a bag of pretzels, they gave us a clear plastic bad that had…

Dwayne Phillips

Engineer, computing, consulting, writing, teaching, and a few other things in an effort to make us all better and smarter.

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