by Dwayne Phillips

We often say things simply because we have heard others say those things. We are an odd lot.

People say that because… they heard other people say that. And the other people said it with great confidence and bravado. Hence, it must be true, right?

“Half of…

by Dwayne Phillips

Of course we want to communicate. That is a basic. Nevertheless, here is a small test to measure the actual desire to communicate.

Here is a quick test to measure a person’s desire to communicate to others.

  1. Here is a blank piece of paper.
  2. Here is a…

by Dwayne Phillips

We revisit an old tradeoff that moves to a different dimension, but retains the tradeoff.

In the early 1990s, (yes, I am that old) we had about a dozen different computing systems in a laboratory. On any given day, one of the dozen would be “down” for…

by Dwayne Phillips

This is a variation on the question, “What is the difference that makes a difference?” When trying to modify behavior, we must be able to answer the title’s question.

The title of this post is a fundamental science question. You are telling me that factor A is…

by Dwayne Phillips

Have a direction? What did we lose in choosing it? Sorry, we traded something for something else. We lost something.

I am never supposed to write “never” and “always.” And there is always an exception to all rules. Hence, the title of this post.

I have yet…

by Dwayne Phillips

Most systems “work” as we intend when enough people want them to. Those people cooperate with the system and one another.

Democracy works because people want it to. There is much freedom in democratic systems. That freedom works because people want it to. People realize the value…

by Dwayne Phillips

We are almost always uncertain. That is why we should plan key decision points.

“We knew what were were doing, right?” asked one of the decision makers after everything collapsed.

“Well, it sounded good when we started,” replied another one of the decision makers after everything collapsed.

by Dwayne Phillips

Some persons know what they want, but they don’t have the resources to tell me. Perhaps they don’t know what they want. Perhaps they have many other reasons for passing me to another person. Perhaps I should just stay away.

Do you want to know what I…

by Dwayne Phillips

Most “Emergency Operations Centers” function to show that the emergency operations center has electricity. Does that describe yours?

A recent serious weather event caused me to interact with an Emergency Operations Center or EOC. The website for that place proclaimed quite proudly how it was built to…

Dwayne Phillips

Engineer, computing, consulting, writing, teaching, and a few other things in an effort to make us all better and smarter.

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