By Dwayne Phillips

Restoring trust in something called a shared reality won’t be easy. Or will it be so simple that it won’t be easy? Here is a suggestion.

“We’ve lost a shared reality.”

I heard this in a recent presentation. I’m afraid I lost the reference, so I cannot give due credit to the researcher who said this. Some searching shows that several persons over the past several years have stated this in one form or another. I suppose it falls under common knowledge, common sense, or urban myth.

I take this to mean that we have lost trust…

by Dwayne Phillips

We decide that, “We will stop this and never do it again.” That holds until we discover “this” and “it” are necessary.

I flew to California recently. On the flight, instead of giving us a bag of pretzels, they gave us a clear plastic bad that had a small clear plastic bottle of water with a cookie wrapped in plastic and pretzels wrapped in plastic.

Before the year of the virus, such packaging and distribution would have been vilified as a horrible use of petroleum (fossil fuels) and landfill. …

by Dwayne Phillips

If you want something in return for something, state that contract first.

Person A: Guess what? blah blah blah.

Person B: Oh my goodness.

Person A: You can’t tell anyone what I just told you.

Person B: Why not?

Person A: Because.

Person B: You should have stated the non-disclosure agreement before telling me blah blah blah.

Person A: Well, you can’t tell anyone what I just told you.

Person B: I didn’t give you permission to tell me something that put me in a predicament.

Person A: Well, you can’t betray my trust.

Person B: What…

by Dwayne Phillips

As much as we might not want to admit it, when one change occurs, everything in that system changes.

Tech workers, who can work from anywhere, are moving to places with a lower cost of living and hence increasing their quality of life. This raises the average salary in those lower-cost-of-living places. This raises the cost of housing in those places. The cost of living rises when we wanted it to stay the same.

There was a change in the system. In the above example, the change was the arrival of “just a few” folks who had…

by Dwayne Phillips

After a few more years, I think I understand the essence of Data Science. It isn’t that complicated.

I wrote a post in November of 2020 attempting…

by Dwayne Phillips

What we saw with gas stations is known as a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Flood a business with customers and the business fails. The scary part is that someone learned from the situation.

Back in May of 2021 (boy, that seems like a long time ago), a pipeline was closed due to hackers. For a couple of days, there was a shortage of gasoline on the east coast of the US. Gas stations had long lines and then they ran out of gas.

Was there a shortage? Maybe, maybe not. What we definitely saw at the…

by Dwayne Phillips

An old wise technique is being forgotten, again.

This is an old technique, but let’s run through it again.

  1. Make it work
  2. Make it better

Please do…

by Dwayne Phillips

I guess we will never stop putting individuals into a group and attributing the actions of some individuals to an entire group. Hence, we discuss “the government.”

I have been a citizen of the United States since birth. I was an employee of the United States Federal government for 28 years. The United States Federal government, a.k.a., “the government” employs US citizens (not 100%, but you get the idea).

Every US citizen is a person. Ever meet a loving caring person? Ever meet a person who is spiteful and hateful? Ever meet a good person who is…

by Dwayne Phillips

Many persons want many other persons to become vaccinated. Their methods, however, are achieving the opposite.

“Become vaccinated,” is an oft-heard cry. (Actually, I read “get vaccinated” which brings cringes of pain to those of us who know the meaning of words.)

And there are many who do not get the vaccine shots. Why? Because of the methods used by the vaccine proponents.

The biggest reason persons don’t receive the vaccine is because of the methods used by vaccine proponents.

First, I read this morning of those who won’t become vaccinated as engaging in “jackassery” behavior (is…

by Dwayne Phillips

Things are the way they are because… Fine. That is one explanation. Let’s have at least three more.

Few things are as difficult as explaining why something is the way it is. We see more brown leaves on trees this year than we have in the past. Well, the reason is… Really? That is the reason? How do you know that is the reason?

Now we come to the difficult part: State at least three more reasons. State at least three more explanations of the current situation. …

Dwayne Phillips

Engineer, computing, consulting, writing, teaching, and a few other things in an effort to make us all better and smarter.

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